Treatment Testimonials



"Without Sam's help I would have suffered for years, he really cared about helping and his knowledge and range of skills was important in my recovery. The acupuncture helped to ease my night sweats and physical discomfort. In addition, his knowledge and ability to liaise with my GP led towards accessing help for my vertigo." (Diagnosed as BPPV) Mrs HK, 56, Worcester

"My first session with Sam was Oct 2009 - at this point I had been trying to conceive for 4 years. I have a known issue with a raised hormone level which has hindered getting pregnant but my consultant believed there was no reason at this point why I could not conceive (apart from being overweight not helping). I really did not know what to expect but Sam is such a warm and caring person that any nervousness soon disappeared and I really started to enjoy my sessions.

In a short time of treatment my periods started to become more regular than they were and I looked upon my sessions as a real get away from my busy life and gave me some great 'me' time. Sam always listens and researches his clients issues often coming in with suggestions of other remedies to help us to conceive.

I am happy to say that I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I can say for certain that I will miss my sessions with Sam as they became something I looked forward to." LM, 32, Birmingham

"Over the years I had become increasingly depressed without ever really knowing the reason why. Sam's methods pinpointed the route cause and lifted me from that depression. This morning I woke up with a smile on my face for the first time in ages." Ian, 40, Clee Hill

"My husband and I spent so much money on IVF... It didn't work... We had given up the hope of having children, I felt it was my last chance to try acupuncture... I wish I'd gone sooner. I don't know how it worked but it did. I had five treatments and my husband and I conceived within two months. Two years on we look at our little boy and marvel. Thank you." LB, Richard's Castle


"I have to get to work, I'm self employed, I don't like to waste money and I need to knowI'm going to get better - I trust this therapist to make sure that I do." Mr MB, 26, Bromyard

"Sam is a very talented therapist who has helped me to keep working and has eased my shoulder and lower back pain. His commitment and knowledge have gone a long way towards helping me and my family's ailments. We would highly recommend him to anyone." PP, General builder and plasterer, Ludlow

"Sam has an amazing ability to quickly identify painful and knotted parts of the body and, by using the best treatment, he is able to provide almost instant relief which has a long term benefit. The soothing and relaxed sessions are ideal for dealing with physical pain, or simply as a way to unwind and enjoy an hour of pure self indulgence." Rob, Ashford Carbonell

"A compassionate individual who was very capable in assessing and rehabilitating me after a very nasty mountain biking injury nearly stopped me from riding again..." DM, IT Consultant, Cleobury Mortimer

To specifically book a treatment or a consultation please contact me, Samuel Jones, on (01584) 873587 or 07816 303742. Telephone is my preferred method of contact.

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