Ludlow Sports Massage / Sports Massage in Ludlow

Ludlow Sports Massage / Sports Massage in Ludlow

What is Sports Massage in Ludlow?

Sports massage is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is widely used and is beneficial for all people suffering injuries to alleviate their symptoms and create a sound foundation for recovery. This practitioner is hugely experienced, with a thorough professional anatomical knowledge, and offers sports massage of the highest quality in his Ludlow clinic.

What can I expect from a Sports Massage treatment in Ludlow?

Samuel Jones' Ludlow based sports massage treatments are tailored specific to the individual's requirements. Consultation educates the individual and facilitates progressive recovery. Your therapist will chat with you and devise a suitable recovery treatment programme. You may be advised on lifestyle changes, nutrition, or may be recommended rehabilitation exercises particular to your symptoms or condition.

Sports massage manipulation can be uncomfortable but muscular flexibility will improve as muscle stiffness reduces. Muscular knots form 'trigger points' (small areas of spasm within the muscle) which cause referred pain in different locations and your therapist will want to work on these to speed your recovery. The treatments combine well with Ludlow's primary care services and you will be asked to give information about your medical history and current treatment provision. Your therapist may use, with your permission, acupuncture and/or ultrasound to break down scar tissue and reduce inflammation.

Sam remains as one of the only male sports massage practitioner in Ludlow and is capable of strong sports massage techniques to alleviate stress and torsion in the musculature. Sam is also mindful and sensitive to different genders presenting for sports massage in Ludlow and you will be treated with respect and dignity according to your specific requirements.



Treatment Costs:  £50

Consultation & treatment times vary but are usually between 30-45 minutes. This allows time, after your treatment before the next patient arrives, for your practitioner to complete any note taking, cleaning and room aeration.


Opening Times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11am-6pm


To book a treatment or a consultation please contact me, Samuel Jones, on 07816 303742 or (01584) 873587 or email to


Whether athletic or not, all people can benefit from sports massage in Ludlow to cope with the stresses of modern living and commonly associated injuries.

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